PDA - We just don't care (should we?)

So once again this post is very out of the blue ocean but me and Ellen started discussing PDA and something about the subject really made me question my standards. Is it okay to be those spit-exchanging lovebirds on the bus? And if it is, where do we draw the line? Kisses on the cheek? Making out? When someone's hand suddenly turns out in the other person's pants? The big dilemma is, who are we trying to respect here? Who are the people on the other side of the seats?

In my last relationship I never really gave a fuck. I thought of the people complaining about being loveydovey on the street, mainly as old, cranky, bitter women with a strictly conservative worldview. Come on Grams, welcome to 2012! I saw the new ways of openness as an improvement, a babystep closer to the utopistic vision of freedom that youth today is so amazingly obsessed with. What I never really thought about was how many different sort of categories there actually were. What about the lonley people? The unhappily in love ones? The fact that cranky Grams on the bus could actually be a newly-become widow?

On the other hand, if you're supposed to respect everyone walking past you, then you sure have a big project in front of you. Is wearing brandclothes a way of dishonoring the people that can't afford them? Should you not be allowed to express your happiness at official places since some people aren't happy? These questions are pretty ridiculous, they could go on forever and we all know they hardly lead us anywhere. Still, I feel like this can be something worth reflecting over. Do we really need to dryhump in the L train or can we wait 25 more minutes until we're at his pad in Espoon keskus, Grani or Kirkkonummi?

Of course, it's always a question about timing. Some situations are easier to avoid than others. And let's be quite straight here, sometimes we really don't give a fuck about the ethics and morals of whatever we're up to. Some times are just not about Grams.

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fint skrivet !

2012-05-14 @ 21:01:31

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