Xmas vol 2

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!! I cant tell you guys how much I love champagne


im good, im gone

I've been waiting for so long, I thought this day would never come when I could wave and say Goodbye

Merry fucking Xmas!

La vie c'est bon

My dad is about to send this shit to all his friends. Hilarious!


Happy friday night! I tried sleeping but got that painfully aware feeling when your life just hits you in the eyeballs and make you realize exactly what is happening around you. You know, it's almost like a dissociative experience. Like you see yourself from Jesus' perspective. Or your moms. And you wonder what the fuck you're wasting your time on.

So now I'm drinking hot chocolate with some hazelnut Bailey's in it and laughtexting Crackie who's out partying without me. Silly awesome bitch, she is.

U say that i'm kinda difficult, but it's always someone else's fault

Apparently I'm corny as fuck these days, but I'm completely, hopelessly, deadly in love with this song.

Strange news require strange ways of coping

I got to know something rather shocking today and have spent the whole day doing something I thought would never happen. Watching GG.

On y va!

Me and my sister are bored to death. Gonna find a coffee place to chill at! Xs

Current worker at "Being awesome"

Vacation at your parents place basically means hanging out with people you have nothing in common with for various time that always seems longer than it actually is. It also means youre gonna have to be prepared for questions such as "Hows school going?", "Did you pay your rent yet?" and "Have you applied for a job?". If youre not prepared (and have a whole pack of good answers ready), then youre up for some shitty fucking holidays.

the day after tomorrow

Jag tvekar inte längre, jag kastar mig huvudstupa in i alla risker jag kan komma åt. Världen är min happy pill och jag kan aldrig dö, för jag är ung och snygg och jag har hört för många poplåtar om "you" and "I" och "never die". En teori har ingen densitet.

new fun projects

Vi har finally inlett våra filmningar för Busters nya upcoming awesomeness!! 5 dagar av intensivt filmande hemma hos Tedi. Jag drar dit igen på lördag! Och imorgon kommer Ellen hem. Lycka! 

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