I apologize to my 3 readers for a sucky update. I've been staying at hotels for the past 3 days, kissing, chainsmoking and eating chinese takeout in bed. Tonight some grillchill with my highschool homies and later on hitting the clubs. I hope you all have a blast!!!

TJ 1 TJ 1 TJ 1

Today: Tanning, catchup with sis, packing and getting prepared to GET THE HELL AWAY FROM FRANCE

a kiss may be grand but it won't pay the rental

Oh fuck this day! Worst PMS feeling ever. I'm already striking all communication whatsoever with my dad because he's going on my nerves, and I locked the dog into the bathroom when she went too cuddly. On top of it all my sister is coming over tomorrow and no one is better than her at pissing me off. Luckily I've missed her like hell, so that may help us stay in peace for a while.

Is your IQ higher than your neighbour's? Is it very much higher than mine?

This is how happy I look when I go "walking" avec papa


Can't wait to see my babies.

I wanna be rich and I want lots of money, I don't care about clever, I don't care about funny

Me and mom just ran around all the stores of southern Provence, I sweeeear. I found the cutest little dress in New Look! I'm in lovelovelove.


I can't believe that Seba talked me into testing this... Music that should help you sleep. Well let's find out if it's able to turn my world upside down!

123, who loves my new hair?

Darker blonde type, I even made waves so it reminds me of the 60's!

Someone who's good, someone who's true, someone who's nice (Someone like u)

Next up: Hair salon & alcohol. X's and O's

let's play hide and seek

ca ne marche pas

Just had a little chat with my sister. Thank god for sisters!

no more pain than a regular bloodtest

nicotine, c'est mon amour


Shorts me up!

I know perfectly well how this works, and I'm not watching

So off

8 days a week

(Pics: Hunnd)

So now I've read all my entrance literature once, plus even skimmed through a few of my highschool psychology books. Do I feel like my 2 months in-the-middle-of-nowhere, were worth it? Not really. Not in any way. But in 8 days at this point, I will be packing for the flight back home. I swear, I could not be more ready for summer!!! (I even got a jobinterview, as full-time, private babysitter for two adorable, 4 year old boys!)

shocking blue

How hot isn't this hairdo!? I want the same one in pink. I wish I wish I wish I was that cool.

And he said: "Let's stop with all the talking, why not try something new? Because there's no need for any talking in what we're about to do"


You probably think this song is about you, don't you, don't you

Do you boys out there recognize yourselves? Time to change your ways!!


Despite the temporar lack of success in my jobhunt, I have decided not to start worrying before I have to. Below is a list of some amazing achievements me and Nelly did last summer in our own self-developed club "Arbetslösa klubben":

1. Charity work (keeping company to mentally handicapped, low IQ people)

2. Experiencing different cultures

3. Participation in various sportsevents

4. Making additions to the entertainment industry (wrote a song and directed our own music video)

5. Attending social events

6. Making efforts for the national economy

7. Fighting against anorectic ideals

So don't give up just because the labor market screws you over. You can do anything. You can do everything. Aim high!!

money (that's what i want)

A girl should be allowed to dream.


Probably one of the cutest movies ever made.

Let's go 11 days!

Quizzes suck. I'm watching "The pregnancy pact" and secretly smoking in my room. Sssscchh.

Friday 13th

"Subtle cynicism" must be the most ridiculous/pessimistic view of human life, that I've ever heard of.

Goodbye childhood summer holidays!

This jobhunt is driving me crazy, to say the least. My options atm seem to be a. working my ass off at a kindergarden, 8-9 hours a day, b. woking as some sort of slavegirl at Silja Line every second week (be away from home for one week straight every now and then), or c. be unemployed and dig up leftovers from the trash for 2 months or so. Mmmmmhm. Really can't decide what sounds more tempting!

Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain

Time to find a fucking job.


Nelly keeps telling me that randomly going to French countryside for 2 months was the dumbest idea I've had so far. Today my mom's american friend spontaniously asked me if "I've hit my head or something". Apparently no 20-year-old is supposed to voluntarily stay at a place like this for longer than 10 days.

finnish pearls (early 00's)

I secretly love these finnish popsongs from the beginning of the century. They make me think of childhood and that sexy kind of innocense that happened during the 90's. You know, when the clothes and the hairstyles were so ugly that they actually turned hot!

If you sincerely wanna piss me off, tell me I'm exactly like my mother

Can't wait to leave this house.

home is where your heart is/home is where you hang yourself

Things I will do when back in Helsinki:

+ Rent first best hotelroom with my hunk
+ Spend money on superficial stuff
+ Get sexual
+ Drink
+ See Nelly
+ Rape Nelly with hugs
+ Make summerplans with Nelly
+ Have shit lots of slumberparties with Ellen
+ Drink
+ Go to all the kesäkirpparit
+ Go to a festival
+ Apply for a job
+ Drink
+ Recerve a trip to Spain or Ibiza
+ Stop chainsmoking (LOL just kidding!)
+ Drink
+ Drink
+ Shave my legs

retarded brunette/blackie pictures from the archive

Hello, I'm a girl and I love taking silly webcampictres of myself. (Especially with pornofaces and from angles that make my boobs look good!)

What haircolour do you act like?

You Scored as Brunette

You act like a Brunette! You like attention and you are very kind to your close friends. You have a spunky attitude and sometimes make fun of ditzy girls around u. Your love life goes to only specific guys or girls that you prefer over others.

Red Head

me & nelly made a list of why people should love us

1. We don't weigh 94 kgs
2. We're not superweird
3. We drink beer

mes amis, ils sont trop belle

this planet looks so cute but it's cold

Seriously one of the funniest movies I've ever seen!!! Amazing how you can make a story about a murder so freaking amusing.

Otherwise I don't have much happy news to share. I just got to know that two of my best friends are in the hospital for drunk driving. Fucking idiots....

why the hell (toujours)

People are not for granted. Life is not for granted. Run!

friday before friday before friday before THE friday

I've been so drugfree lately that I haven't even felt my usual cravings for a glass of wine in the evenings. Anyway, tonight I decided to celebrate the fact that it's my favorite weekday and I only have 3 weeks left here. 3 weeks to break my brainbones with some hardcore thinking, to read the shit I have left to read and watch a million of good movies I've always wanted to see!! It's definitely not the end of the world. So now I'm sitting here with a glass of champagne, chatting with Nelly. I can't put into words how much i miss that person, you definitely won't be seeing me without her the whole summer. We're gonna sit on terraces, drink Sex on the beach and do absolutely nothing. Can't wait!

because my visitor number is rising

...by nearly 10% a day, I'm gonna try and continue to update more often. So I'll be putting up these semi-unnecessary posts like twice a day. For those of you who wonder how it's going with the quitting of my sleepingpills: I ROCK! I have gone from regullary using 15 milligrams a day, to only 4,5. If I go on like this I'll be completely drugfree at the end of the month. I can do it!!!


Okay, I guess you could call this post one of those "I'm so goddamn pissed at the injustices of life so I'm gonna do nothing about them, except of complain and whine my ass off in my blog". The thing is, I'm sick of playing Jesus and involve myself in other people's shit. So if you guys wanna be a bunch of assholes, I should basically let you go for it. After all, it's YOUR CHOISE. But why the fuck do you have to drag other people into it? Why the fucking fuck?! 

I wake up this morning, make myself a nice cup of milky coffee, have a burana to kill my fever and log into fb. Well, what's the first thing I see? A couple of bad-ass cool bro's have posted a picture where they officially try to make fun of this random girl they barely know. 3 people have shown their awesomeness in hitting the "like" button and throwing some witty comments around. Well ain't it a hilarious feeling to be so goddamn perfect yourselves? Must be fucking amazing!

It's stuff like this that make you wanna throw stuff around and shoot people. No wonder that the world is fucked up.


Äntligen äntligen äntligen har jag sett 8 Kilsa, filmen som vi hållit på med sen Oktober! Jag tror att jag aldrig under inspelningarna riktigt reflekterade över slutresultatet. Helheten. Vilken typ av upplevelse filmen skulle förmedla, vilka omedelbara känsloreaktioner den eventuellt skulle väcka. Ni vet - allt det där som fimer gör med en. Jag antar att det är svårt att se sig själv i den andra rollen, att leva sig in i tanken på att själv vara den som förmedlar, inte den som passivt tar emot. Det är onekligen något absurt över det hela, att motta all den där filmatiska dramatiken av ingen mindre än en själv. Det vrider liksom lite på världsbilden. 

(Så nu funderar jag på att bara skita i psykologin och bli filmstjärna istället. Jag lovar att blogga från Hollywood!)

movie/wine/cigarettes + bestie

Greetings from 2 tanned bitches!! We're gonna watch Butterfly effect tonight and wake up early tomorrow for a trip to the vintage market. Remember to take care of each other in cold, lovely finland!

about to give in

Fuckkkk this shit. I'm not gonna do it. drfyghjklmhjgtfrdfcgvb I hate being so fucking weak!!!!! fuckassfuckkk

on y va

BFF Ellen is coming over for 5 days of tanning and gossiping!! Gonna go meet her to the trainstation in Aix en Provence. News of today: Stayed up the whole night reading about my goddamn medicine and there is no doubt I wanna get rid of it. Please help me stay strong, even though I might be the crankiest bitch ever for 5 weeks. In the end I'll be happier, skinnier and more energic. Cheers to that!!!

8 months and I've had enough

I just made up my mind. I'm gonna quit my sleeping pills!!!! This will be my last good night sleep in a loooong while. Stay tuned!

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