Why I'm having a shitty day (again):
- My shitty shitfuckness starts tomorrow and I won't have time to breathe for two months
- My appartment is a mess and guess who doesn't do cleaning?
- I should do laundry. I HATE LAUNDRY
- My boyfriend's decided to interrail back and forth around finland and I miss him
- I have streptococcus infection, again
- Alcohol makes me sick. The thought of alcohol makes me sick. Fuck alcohol
- I can't come up with any idea on how to have fun without alcohol. 
- I should pay bills
- I should call my dad
- I'm PA as hell and the only thing I wanna do right now is taking the plane somewhere far far away

What I should think of (instead of whining):

- I got into socialpsychology!
- I'll get money (soon)
- Sun's shining
- I had a popsicle today. Popsicle's are good
- .....

I need to become better at this thing called optimism, or I'm gonna kill myself one day. I could hang myself from the ceiling like Brittany Murphy did in Girl Interrupted. Or poison myself with carbon monoxide from the car, like Kirsten Dunst in Virgin suicides. I don't know which one's cooler, really. Neither's actually that cool. Regular razorblades, perhaps? At least blood is sexy and awesome


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