note to self and mr. virgin

to me: don't be so goddamn protective over other people's feelings. they're simply not worth it
to him: next time u look for a girl, look for someone a little more like u. by this i mean simple, sporty and a little (very) stupid
to me: you don't always need to give everyone a chance. just because jean-paul sartre was a smart man doesn't mean you need to settle for either plague or cholera.
to him: open your eyes! when the girl you've been dating for three months goes and tests herself for genital diseases, you might be expected to feel a little fooled
to me: you can't make everyone happy! sooner or later trying to do that will destroy yourself
to him: sex is an act between 2 people. this means we can't always follow your fantasies
to me: some people consider sex to be something you share with only one person at a time. next time you feel like giving vent to all your needs, you need to make this clear for everyone who's involved.
to him: you need to educate yourself. for gods sake and i don't say this to be a bitch, i say it 'cause otherwise the only feelings you ever will arouse in other people is pitty
to me: if the person you are dating spontaniously asks you how to spell "sunday", your warningbells should perhaps be ringing
to him: if the person you are dating doesn't answer your texts in a week, tells you she's "not really into relationships" (even though she's had a boyfriend for 3 years), goes to italy and comes home with kissing disease, your warningbells should DEFINITELY be ringing
to me: don't be afraid of ditching people, when it comes to the clue they will ditch you without even feeling obligated to give an explanation
to him: don't fall for people who are out of your league, they might think you're cute and cuddly and pathetic in a somehow sweet way, but they will never actually be true to you

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:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD det perfekta inlägget att pigga upp min dödshemska sjukledig dag. moooore!! skriv ett inlägg var femte minut ok? im bored

2011-08-17 @ 16:39:31
Postat av: (per)happiness

AITOOO!!!!!!so true,so cool

keep up the good work, lippu korkeel osv!!!!


2011-08-17 @ 17:01:03
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